Healthy Self Esteem for PEACE in Life

(Productivity, Excellence, Aspiration, Creativity, Efficiency)

The quality of our life depends largely on our self esteem. In earlier times, we inevitably got our self esteem from our strong support system which not only cushioned us but also it was easier to maintain a healthy self esteem as there were simpler/stronger relationships, much less pressure to prove our identity and limited global exposure.

The program is to explore:

  • Self esteem and its relationship with our personal identity
  • Effects of an unhealthy self esteem on our mind, body, relationships and work
  • Five features of a healthy self esteem
  • Three ways to build a healthy self esteem
  • Discovering PEACE in life

Jonah’s complex –

Inferiority complex

Superiority complex

Bhaav Yoga for Healthy Relationships

We are social species. We crave for relationships. We invest a huge part of our lives in making and maintaining relationships.

Almost all of us know how to project our ‘healthy’ relationships, whether in social gatherings or on social media. However, the real test of the authenticity of any relationship is behind closed doors and inside our hearts. And only in our hearts, we know how many fractured relationships we are carrying! The broken pieces hurt us, as well as those who we care for.

Furthermore, the unresolved and subdued memories of our losses, traumas, guilt and failures, add to our persistent bitter-sweet pain and stress. Consequently, as young-adults or mid-lifers or seniors, we go through phases of disorientation and internal crisis.

All is not always unpleasant! Sometimes, some natural transformations within us push us to explore more in life. However, very few of us are able to seamlessly integrate this change in our life, without disturbing the ‘settled’ or surfacing insecurities or creating guilt.

At other times, for no apparent reason, while busily maintaining the status quo, we unknowingly drift in our relationships, creating an inexplicable void.

Two factors take a major toll of this emotional distress – 1) Our overall health, 2) The health and harmony of our closest relationships, even leading to some permanent damages.

Bhaav Yoga is an approach to strengthen our emotional immunity, cultivate our emotional sensitivity and build healthy relationships.

The highlights of this approach:

  • Each relationship is a mirror to our own emotions and feelings
  • Connection between our emotionally charged memories and our relationships
  • Five features of a healthy relationship
  • Five step approach to purge the emotional charge
  • Discovering emotional freedom and sensitivity
  • Building healthy relationships, with self and others
  • Self reflection and mind-body practices